Furies of Calderon an intensely good read

Furies of Calderon an intensely good read

Jim Butcher’s new novel explores a fantastic world where everyone can control elemental forces.

Nick Fremgen, Staff Reporter

Jim Butcher’s exciting and captivating book Furies of Calderon is a book that you cannot miss.

In this novel, everyone has a fury. A fury is a manifestation of an element that allows the person with that type of fury to command that element. Everyone has a fury, except for Tavi. Tavi is an outcast because he does not have a fury.  He is thought of as a freak and looked down on.

Tavi’s life is already complicated, but it gets worse when he runs into a Marat scout, an enemy to his land, and nearly dies from the encounter. From there he needs to warn the his country men of the possible impending doom. But even as he gets help, things are getting worse, and soon everyone he knows could die.

 Furies of Calderon is an amazing and captivating book. I really liked it, and once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. It is full of twists that make it hard to predict what is going to happen, and it keeps your attention. The characters are intriguing, and you quickly become attached to them. The book is also funny, making you laugh throughout the book.

The book has multiple story lines that tell you what is happening throughout the realm from multiple points of view. I prefer books to have only one point of view, but this book worked really well with the multiple points.

Still, author Jim Butcher didn’t really explain that much about furies. So you don’t exactly know what they are. Other than that, I felt that I was a really good book that I enjoyed immensely.

Overall I really did enjoy the book. It was a great read, one that I would gladly read again. I cannot wait to read the second book in the series Academ’s Fury.