Heaven, is for real?

Heaven, is for real?

Lauren Kreiss, Staff Reporter

Heaven is for Real is based on the true story of a three-year boy who alleges to have visited heaven and met Jesus himself.

It all begins when the Burpo family takes a vacation and Colton (the three-year old boy) complains of having stomach problems that keep getting progressively worse. The doctors give the family a misleading diagnosis and say it was just the flu. After days of the “flu” and multiple trips to the hospital, the family gets a rude awakening that their son has a ruptured appendix.

Colton has to undergo a near death surgery and was seconds from death. Although his heart kept beating, it was a close call to say. The doctors and nurses all thought that this little boy would not make it through alive of his surgery. He did survive the surgery and lived to tell his story.

Over the course of months, even years, Colton tells bits and pieces to his father Todd and mother Sonja about how he visited Heaven and how he even sat on Jesus lap himself.  His parents were amazed by his story and waited to tell the press on what their little boy experience until they got the whole story figured out.

I thought this book was very inspirational. It gave me a good perspective on what Heaven is like and what I should look forward to. It also gave me encouragement that if this little three-year boy could conquer this near death surgery, I can just about conquer anything.

Even if you are not a devoted Christian worshipper, this book is still entertaining. It has a good plot and is a happy story.

It was a very interesting book and has a good twist at the ending. I recommend reading this book if you want a sneak preview on what Heaven just might look like.