Summoning up a good read

Summoning up a good read

Nick Fremgen, Staff Reporter

Gail Z. Martin has written a very good book that has betrayal, revenge, and adventure. It has multiple points of view and has constant twists.

The Summoner tells the story of two different people. Prince Matris Drayke of Margolan, a mage and Princess Kiara of Isencroft. Prince Matris Drayke’s life is dramatically changed when his cruel stepbrother Prince Jared pulls a coup, with the help of a blood mage named Foor Arontala. Drayke’s father, mother, and sister are killed. Prince Drayke barely escapes with his life with the help of his friends. Once he is healed he is told by his grandmother’s spirit that he is a summoner. A powerful mage that is able to control spirits, and the dead, and that Foor Arontala is planning on releasing the Obsidian king, the most powerful and evil wizard of his time. If the Obsidian king is released the world would be in chaos. When he is to told that Prince Drayke vows to kill Foor Arontala, and to get Jared off the throne

Meanwhile Princess Kiara, is betrothed to Jared because of a pact that was previously made. But before she goes to Jared she is giving a quest to go to a library which is believed to have been destroyed, and to find her servants, so she leaves Isencroft to look for two servants she sent out to find a cure to heal her father’s disease. Which she later finds out is caused by Foor Arontala.

When Prince Drayke and Princess Kiara meet, she decides to go with Prince Drayke and help him with his quest. Eventually must go to the kingdom of Principality, where they hope to recruit soldiers to fight his brother.  

I liked the book and its constant development of the characters. As you get farther into the book you learn more about them and they develop and grow their power and knowledge. There are some twists, and they changing point of view that kept my attention. I liked how the author had Matris’s power grow more and more throughout the book. This kept it interesting and not dull.

However I thought that it was kind of predictable. Not a lot, but still somewhat predictable. Also there were some cheesy romance parts in the book. I think that the romance in this book is odd. The author doesn’t really have the characters come out and show it. Instead she has them kind of dance around it, and rarely has them do affectionate things like hug or kiss.

 Overall, I liked the book, and I am looking forward to reading its sequel The Blood King.