FIFA ’12 hits the spot now that soccer season has ended

FIFA 12 hits the spot now that soccer season has ended

FIFA ’12 kept one reviewer from going to school the next day. How will it change YOU?

Jerry Losos, Staff Reporter

Though the Bulldogs Soccer season may be over, FIFA12 has just begun. After arriving on the shelves on September 30th at midnight, I was one of the first few to pick up my pre-ordered copy of the game.  Ironically I was not in attendance the next day at school, and stayed home feeling suspiciously drowsy. Anyways I was very excited to play it after hearing all the hype and gossip about it. A few of my friends had played the demo before me and thought it was great.

“It gives you something to look forward to doing more of, with all the improvements they’ve made from last year’s FIFA. It requires skill to play now, other than pressing a few buttons.”  said Adiel Bartolommeo.

 I was so excited to play my first game, only to lose 4-1. Pretty embarrassing, but with all the new additions to the game, it’s like playing a new soccer game. The passing has changed so much. You have to look at the player you intend on passing to in order to make an accurate pass, along with holding down the passing button for increased power.

 Shooting is very similar to FIFA11, but most of the shots stay on the ground. It might just be me, but I happen to have a lot of shots that roll into the net, rather than going into the top corner. Crossing the ball on the run of play is difficult. The player has to be in the right body position in order to make an accurate cross. But on corner kicks, it is a bit easier to make a good cross and get the right header to go on target.

FIFA12 also improved the manager mode season. The startup menu looks like a realistic team page. I generally use Manchester United as my manager mode squad, and the page for the manager mode looks similar to the one on the actually website. The players can comment on your coaching ability, For example, I was not using Johnny Evans at all, not even for my reserve matches, and I received a pop up from Evans saying “Boss if you do not have me in your team, I intend to leave at the next transfer offer”. The players have more freedom, and that causes more drama on the team, making it seem like it’s a real life simulation of what it’s like to manage a team in a managerial campaign. The manager mode has also increased the time of transfer offers and get back to you quicker, but also have the freedom to increase wages, and amount for a player. Players also can send transfer requests without notice, and leave the club without any notice to the manager (you). The players are also added a new feature, other than energy levels and overall score, they have morale and form. If a player has not been playing well, or is not in the squad reguraly, there form may dip, along with the moral for the team causing them to want to leave on a loan deal, or terminate their contract.

They also have a different collision engine. For those of you who are not FIFA fanatics, this means that when two players collide in a slide tackle, 50/50 or any other type of fight for possession, the players can fall over. Injuries are more frequent, both on the field and on the training ground. Mostly there not massive injuries like broken legs and fractured skulls. Most of the time its just a hamstring strain that will last for 3-6 days, depending on the player.

A youth development system has also been added. The whole concept is to have under aged players (18 and younger) who legally can’t be given a professional contract a chance to play in a reserve type setting. You must first buy a scout, and send him throughout the world to seek out youth talent, and bring in some young players. But don’t wait too long, because some other teams can take the next youth star. 

The money earned in tournaments has not changed for FIFA11, so you still receive the same amount, regardless of what team you are. Transfers are also very fast, and a lot of players come and go from team to team. FIFA12 also introduces a new feature, the online pass. It’s 10$, for unlimited uses. The online pass includes joining online leagues, 1 v. 1 plays, and virtual teams. I have not explored this feature yet, but I plan to eventually.

 “It’s a wonderful game, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the fantastic sport of soccer,” said Max Ohle, RB’s varsity team goalkeeper.

 As both a soccer player, and fan, I recommend this game to any athlete. It’s easy to get hooked onto, and a great way to put your love and passion for the game, as you can take charge of a team and see what it’s really like.