Assassin’s Creed 3 is quite the revalation

Assassins Creed 3 is quite the revalation

Nick Fremgen, Staff Reporter

Ubisoft’s newest chronicle in the Assassins Creed series was released on November 15, 2011. This new game continues the stories of Desmond, Ezio, and brings back Altair, the first assassin.

The Campaign

When you first start the campaign, you view Ezio’s trip to Masayaf, the first Assassins location. you find that it is under Templar control. After he escapes the Templar’s and finds out that the door to the Assassins library is locked, he must find all the keys to it that are spread throughout the Middle East, and the one key that the Templar’s already have.

After that, he makes his way to Constantinople, where he meets up and joins the local Assassins, and aids their struggles against the Templar’s that are trying to take control of Constantinople. As the game progresses you get the ability to use, and make bombs. There are bombs that can kill large groups of guards, bombs that can distract guards, allowing you to slip in previously defended areas, and bombs that could be smoke bombs, allowing the player to quickly eliminate the guards while they choke on smoke. Another new item is the hook blade. This allows the player to climb faster, slide down lines, and can be helpful in a fight.

In Assassins Creed Brotherhood, you could destroy templar towers, making that area your own. It is taken to a new level in Assassins Creed Revelations, You capture a templar den, making it your own, but, you will occasionally have to defend it when Templers try to recapture it. You get to send assassins and decide where they do, and what they fight with.

In Brotherhood, once you kill a guard, you would be able to quickly, and easily dispatch the reaming guards with a series of one hit kills. But in Revelations that is not the case, you can get a one or two streak going but it usually stops. This makes the game a little harder when fighting hordes of people, and causes you to change your strategy.

Overall I like campaign; it is fun, and addictive.

Rating: 9 out of 10

The Multiplayer

The multiplayer in Revelations is booth good, and bad. The multiplayer has all new characters, some new maps, and game types. The 4 game types are wanted, assassination, death match, and artifact assault. Wanted is just like it was in Brotherhood, except you have different characters, new maps, etc. Then there is assassination, where you choose who you kill, and kill them for points. But if the person you choose isn’t a real player then you don’t get points. So be careful when picking someone. Death match is a new game type, with the same objective as wanted, but it is very different. There are no other NPC’s that look like the character you choose, you do not get a compass that leads you to your target, and the maps are very small.

In multiplayer you can customize the characters, change the weapons they use, choose what they look like, and more. However you have to have abstergo points. You have to buy the new stuff for your characters, and you also have to buy custom classes, and the perks and items in those classes. It is pretty much like Black Ops. You earn these points after every game, and the amount depends on how well you do.

I don’t really like death match, I am fine with all the other things that this thrilling multiplayer has. I am also very pleased with how fast you can get in a game now, because in Brotherhood it would take a while, but in Revelations it goes quite fast.

Overall it is pretty good, and I look forward to playing it later.

Rating: 7 out of 10

I like the game a lot, and I believe that Ubisoft did an excellent job continuing the critically acclaimed Assassins Creed series.