Black Ops 2 unleashes a firefight of fun


Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the thrilling action packed continuation to Treyarch’s Black Ops series. Black Ops 2 starts with a SWAT team storming an old, broken down building. They sweep room to room, ready to kill, but they when go through the house and open a door, who`s there?  In a wheel chair, Frank Woods, Special Forces soldier from the original Black Ops. Woods had survived the grenade blast and fall out of a window in the first game, and there he is to tell the tale of what happened with him, Mason, and Hudson in between Vietnam and their retirement.

And Woods has quite the story to tell.

The campaign is really great; it took me about 5 or 6 hours to play through, though granted I like to look around for secrets instead of running from objective to objective.  It might have taken me longer this way. The game takes place on two fronts, one being the story of Woods, Mason, and Hudson, and the other involving Mason`s son David Mason, codename Section, and his team Harper and Salazar. The storyline is played between going back in time right after Vietnam and playing in the year 2025.

The missions that take place right after Vietnam help paint the picture of what happened to Woods, Mason, and Hudson, but they don’t even compare to the missions set in the future. The future missions are full of drones and high tech equipment that’s unbelievably awesome to use.  They include everything from personal jet pack gliders to fully equipped drone helicopters! Treyarch introduced a load out system for campaign, so that the player can pick what weapons and equipment they get to use through the level, which is a great advancement for the series. They also have two different kinds of missions then first person storyline missions and the side missions you can do which take cues from the RTS genre. But the player can jump from the strategy view to the first person shooter mode and those are really cool. There are bunch of choices you can make throughout the campaign which changes the outcome as you go and that give you a really great feel that what you do actually matters. The campaign is a must play for any Call Of Duty fan.

Nazi Zombies returns with huge improvements. Zombies was one of the main reason anyone has played Treyarch`s Call Of Duty games and they`ve outdone themselves again. There are three kinds of zombies; now they have Tranzit, Greif, and Survival. Tranzit is the story mode where the player spawns in a bus station and right outside is a bus you can get in a ride around the map on to one of four different locations. The players can find different parts at each location to build different pieces of equipment to help the player, such as a portable turbine for a power source, a make-shift riot shield, an electric trap, and a make-shift sentry turret. Plus you can add parts to your bus to make it better and easier to survive on. Survival is not that good compared to the other two modes; the player picks one of the places the bus stops at in tranzit and you get limited wall weapons, four very basic weapons, four perks, the mystery box, and sometimes the pack-a-punch machine. You have to stay alive in a pretty tight space and after round 15 it becomes extremely hard. Grief is the mode for 8 players to play; you still spawn in teams of four and four and you can either compete for survival or work together. Grief overall is the same as survival just with 8 people. If you`ve been a fan of nazi zombies you`ll love playing it though.

The multiplayer mode plays worlds better than the original Black Ops. The multiplayer runs on a very unique system where the player gets 10 overall customization points for their loadouts.  Each perk, each weapon, each attachment, and each grenade cost a point, and that allows you to really create a class tailored just for you. Every weapon including secondary and combat knives can have camouflage on now, which I found very cool, and all weapons can get a golden camouflage. There are the same game types just like other Call Of Duties with the addition of three new game types: a king of the hill type game called hardpoints, multi team which pits three teams of three to play objective based games, and finally a combat training game type where you can be pitted against a mix of bots and players.  Also the same emblem customization is back so people can make their own personal emblems.

Overall Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a great game that any gamer should at least try to play.  The campaign is awesome and full of action, the multiplayer is an interesting change of pace, and the zombies make the game unique.