Far Cry 3’s hunting system, open play a huge success

Far Cry 3s hunting system, open play a huge success

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

Wildlife that will tear you apart piece by piece, vicious pirates, and to top it all off, complete insanity. These are just some of the things that Ubisoft’s new game Far Cry 3 has to offer

You start off going through pictures of the main character, Jason Brody, and his two brothers and closest friends. It seems like a normal vacation full of action and happiness until the camera is pulled away from your vision and you see you`ve been taken captive with your older brother. Jason has lived a life of luxury in California his whole life with rich parents and has never been exposed to too much violence, just some harmless fist fights here and there but never killing a person. His older brother is on leave from a tour of action in the army and when your brother breaks free and kills the guard you and your brother must sneak out of the pirate camp without being detected. As you sneak out of the compound, you hear a gunshot and your brother`s throat rips open and you hear someone tell you that you have thirty seconds to run before they start shooting at you.

The campaign is one of the best I`ve seen in a long time. With an open world type game play and tons of different things to do Far Cry 3 has the potential for days and days of tasks. One of the biggest features I enjoyed was the wildlife; the game has around 25 different animals that may or may not attack humans. The player can hunt animals and skin them, and then the animals skins are used to create better equipment for the player. I spent about the first 2 or 3 hours playing hunting down animals and some animals are really tough to kill. The map is extremely huge having many different places for the player to go like islands off the mainland and all the hidden collectibles make it so you have to visit just about every place and look around for them. Another great feature is just all the different guns and attachments. The player can get many different guns and even unlock more as you progress through the story, ranging from .44 magnums all the way up to flamethrowers. The campaign is a must play for anyone who enjoys playing open world first person games.

They also feature a multiplayer and co-op mode. Multiplayer is much like any first person shooter where your goal is just to get more kills. Co-op is pretty interesting though. The player and three friends have a mission to accomplish and they throw tons and tons of enemies at you. If you have less than four players, then you`re going to have a hard time. This game overall is a must play for any person who wants a game that can keep them busy and interested for extended periods.