Dead Space 3 entertains without terrifying

Dead Space 3 entertains without terrifying

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

You’re a solider sent on a mission to a downed ship to retrieve an object. You fight your way through a couple necromorphs to get to it and once you find it the ship starts to fall and you have to make a quick escape. Once you hit the ground unharmed you see your commanding officer walk up and you start to talk right as he pulls a gun on you shoots you, salutes the flag, and proceeds shoots himself, and that’s just the prologue to Dead Space 3.

The scene changes to Isaac in his apartment right as two people bust through the door and tell him they have a mission for him, that he`s coming with them, and when Isaac finally agrees after finding out he has no choice, they give you a gun and tell you to follow them. On the streets there`s a civil war going on, and they want you off the planet before you get killed. After almost getting blown up and being separated from your group, you must fight through the streets hoping to find your way off the planet. Once you are through the city and in space, that’s where the game takes on the role everyone loves it for: a horror infested shooter.

I had personally never played any Dead Space game before, but still could understand who the characters were and what role they had played earlier so it was very easy to jump right in and play.  What made me want to play Dead Space 3 and not any of the other games in the series were all of the great new features.  With the weapon bench feature, I loved being able to create my own personal weapons to fit my needs, my favorite being a shotgun with a handle for an underbarrel so I could swing it like a hammer to deal tons of damage.  The weapons bench also allowed me to upgrade my weapons as I progressed through the game, personalizing the experience.  I also enjoyed the telekinesis.  Although this feature has always been in the game, I spent a lot of time messing around and throwing dead bodies at my enemies just for the laughs.  It brings a whole new gameplay feel being able to move objects and use them as weapons if worst comes to worst.  The melee was another feature I liked.  I enjoyed running straight at a group of necromorphs and just beating them to literal pieces.

The horror element is not as big in this game as the past.  The game is now more like an action-shooter than a horror game, a change I prefer because I would want nothing to do with the game if it was really scary.  Still, there are times that made me jump and cringe.  The graphics of the game are great and I had no complaint for them.

Overall this game is a must play for any Dead Space fan or any fan of games that will make you jump but not stay awake for days hoping the dark won`t get you.