Aliens: Colonial Marines misses the target

Aliens: Colonial Marines misses the target

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a prequel to the Alien vs Predator games out today taking place when humans know that there are aliens in the universe but haven’t colonized much. It starts off as you, a Marine named Winter, prepare your gear and get ready to run across what they call the umbilical, which is a tube that connects two ships so people can board the other ship. Winter is trying the get to the other ship where distress calls from other Marines are coming and he needs to help them.

Once you arrive on the other ship it’s a gruesome scene with blood smeared walls, wounded Marines, and a few Marines doing emergency care. They tell you to go deeper into the ship and look for the missing Rhino company and so you set off to find them. You walk deeper and deeper into the ship until you find them, all but one of them dead. When you get back to the door to the umbilical there are two Marines left defending the door. As the four of you start to run across it, it tears open and the last member of Rhino is killed. This opening scene sets the tone for what should have been an amazing game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is the worst game I have played in quite some time. It amazes me that Sega could make a really great game out of Alien vs Predator but such a bad prequel of it. Aliens games are supposed to be suspenseful and a little scary with you having to engage in close quarters, pitch black combat with strong enemies that run up walls and stalk you. In this game the player gets hordes of easy to kill enemies in easy to see places taking the whole point of what these aliens are away. It made it feel like any other boring shooter.  None of that suspense or scariness I expected from this game is present, especially when all of a sudden rebels show up and you end up fighting more rebels then aliens.

Should I repeat that? I was shooting PEOPLE in an ALIENS game.

The graphics were terrible, more appropriate to a really old game, not looking realistic at all and a lot worse than Sega’s last Aliens game. The way you use your equipment and upgrade is really confusing and ammo is too easy to find; you never run out even if you would walk through the whole mission with your finger holding the trigger. I don’t recommend this game for anybody.  It would be better to save your money than to ever buy this game. This game does not offer any reason to buy it and really should not have even been released in the first place.

It’s an unfinished product in a market oversaturated with shooters.