Top 10 Holiday Movies

Top 10 Holiday Films

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What it’s about:
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was not accepted by his fellow reindeer because he had a red nose. They didn’t allow him to play any reindeer games. Santa accepted him though, and brought him to success.

Why you should watch it:
 It’s a Christmas classic and there are many different versions, among them, claymation and animation. It has become a part of American Christmas culture.


What it’s about:
A father sees Santa fall off a roof and then has to assume the role of Santa Claus.

Why you should watch it:
It’s a twist on the traditional Christmas movies, and it would be so much fun to have your dad be Santa.


What it’s about:
Charlie Brown searches for the true meaning of Christmas when he notices everyone is too materialistic. He tries to show everyone what Christmas really means.

Why you should watch it:
Charlie Brown is another classic. People have grown up with with it since the 1960s. This movie teaches everyone what Christmas is all about.


What it’s about:
A group of kids put a magic hat on a snowman and he came to life! They befriend him as they try to run away from the magician who is trying to steal his hat back.

Why you should watch it:
Frosty the Snowman is another Christmas classic. It’s a really fun movie that’s good for all ages.


What it’s about:
Scrooge is a stingy man who hates Christmas, and he is visited by three ghosts of past, present, and future that try to make him change his ways to save his fate.

Why you should watch it:
The Jim Carrey version is the first 3D Christmas movie, which makes it awesome in itself. The animation is really good and it’s a modern look on a classic book.


What it’s about: Based on the book by Dr. Suess, the Grinch hates everyone in Whoville and plots to steal everyone’s Christmas presents. However, a little girl tries to befriend him and change his ways.

Why you should watch it: Dr. Seuss is timeless, and it demonstrates the meaning of Christmas. There are animated versions and a real life version, so no matter what, so it suits different tastes.

#4 – JOYEUX NOELWhat it’s about:
On Christmas Eve during World War I, the French, Scottish, and German call a truce for that night so they call all celebrate the holiday together.

Why you should watch it:
The movie is in partly English, French, and German, and it’s just all-around great. The change among the languages makes it all the more interesting, along with the really good message.

#3 – THE POLAR EXPRESSWhat it’s about:
Based on the picture book, The Polar Express, a boy gets on a magic train headed for the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

Why you should watch it:
The animation is very life-like, and who doesn’t want to see a movie based on a book from their childhood?

#2 – ELF

What it’s about:
Buddy, a baby taken up to the North Pole to work as an elf, finds out that his real father is in New York. He goes on an epic journey to find his family and instill Christmas spirit in everyone.

Why you should watch it:
It’s funny and there’s just something so humorous about a giant elf that tries to fit in in a normal world.


What it’s about:
A nine-year-old boy named Ralphie really wants a BB gun for Christmas, and despite what all the adults say, he knows it’d be perfect. He and his friends get into all kinds of shenanigans along the way.

Why you should watch it:
It has become a classic and you can watch it hundreds of times, and it’ll never get old

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