Featured Athlete: Richard Theus (Football)


Matt Potts

Junior football player Richard Theus

Matt Potts, Staff Reporter

The gridiron is where junior football player Richard Theus belongs. The game of football takes toughness, both mentally and physically, which Richard exhibits every time he steps foot on the field. He’s always looking to improve himself. The team, focusing on getting wins, needs hard working players to build a team from. Having a rough season so far, RB needs positive attitudes from every player in order to turn it around.

This is Richard’s first year on varsity, and being a junior, he has a great chance of filling some holes left by departing seniors. In asking Richard what goals he had for this year he said, “hopefully we can tie for conference.” This will be a tough goal to obtain but a good one to have. The season can be turned around and he knows it. Richard said of the season so far, “we’ve made some mistakes, and payed for them, now we just have to bounce back.”

Richard who is also a wrestler will have a very tiring athletic schedule this year. Richard plays linebacker and defensive line which are demanding positions on the field that take a lot of endurance and strength to play. He hopes to come into next season fighting for a starting spot and proving himself to the coaches, and to himself.