Crysis 2 is so pretty, but can it stand up?

Crysis 2 is so pretty, but can it stand up?

Nick Kirkines, A&E Manager

Crysis 2 is a revolutionary title in the sense of graphical prowess.  Outside of that it is a fairly well done shooter. Though shooting is the only controllable aspect to the game. This doesn’t mean the game is boring by any means, what it does mean is that you won’t be doing much else than that.

Crysis 2 takes place in a post apocalyptic New York where an alien threat has the means to wipe out humanity. You take on the role of Alcatraz, a Marine, turned super hero when he is given the coveted Nano Suit.

There are a few things to spice up the action such as the ability to turn invisible and some acrobatics.  The acrobatics, however, aren’t that practical. Yes, you feel like a superhero jumping from one building to another, silently taking out a sniper, and then using his weapon against his friends. However moments like this are few and far between. The action just doesn’t seem as fluid as it should be.

Another gripe is with some balancing issues. When using the “Stealth” ability, you can’t move faster than a crawl. It would have been much more enjoyable to be able to smash into an enemy alien that never saw you coming rather than silently creeping up on him to get a “stealth kill”. The armor ability just outclasses the stealth one.  For example, when using the armor ability you are immune to damage for a short period of time. Surviving explosions and high caliber fire is much more enjoyable than avoiding them.

Another issue is with a few glitches, mainly with the melee system. A glitch would often occur where the player could not melee at all. It often led to situation that would’ve been much easier if the character would have just hit the alien in the head. It is an unneeded challenge that ruins much of the flow of the game.

This is not to say the game is bad. It simply means that its expectations were too high. The game’s predecessor revolutionized gaming. It made the player believe that their character could destroy any threat. It often gives you that same feeling in the sequel, just not enough to warrant a perfect score. It’s still one of the most enjoyable games of the year, though the year is still young. Still, you won’t find a more beautiful game anywhere on the market.