Percy Jackson rises again

Percy Jackson rises again

Son of Neptune tells a great story, but feels a bit rushed, especially in the action sequences.

Nick Fremgen, Staff Reporter

Rick Riordan’s The Son of Neptune is about the now famous Percy Jackson, and his friends Frank, and Hazel, and their quest to save their camp and prevent the rise of the Gaia the Titan of Earth.

Many know the name Percy Jackson from his first series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Now, they can continue his story with new characters in this second book of Riordan’s new series, The Heroes of Olympus.

The Son of Neptune tells the story of Percy as he finds himself led to the Roman demigod camp by the goddess Juno, where he quickly becomes friends with Hazel, the daughter of Pluto, and Frank, who has not been claimed. Shortly after his arrival, people start noticing that death does not have a hold anymore, and that it is getting hard to kill monsters, and even people. That is when the God Mars appears at camp and gives Frank, Percy, and Hazel, a quest to free Death and defeat Gaia’s giant Alcyoneus. Meanwhile the camp prepares for an army of monsters that is coming to destroy their camp while death is captured which stops the monsters from dying. So Percy, Frank, and Hazel rush against time to free Death, before the army reaches the camp, and destroy everything.

The Son of Neptune was a really good book. It takes place somewhere else, and with the new people, it kept me interested, learning about the background of the camp, and learning about the histories of the new people. Also there is some history in the book that made me like the book more.

However I felt that near the end of the book the author was rushing, and that he rushed through the major fight scenes. I think that the fights were too easy and idealistic, with the amount of casualties for both sides being too high or too low to be believable.

In the end, though, I really liked the book, and can’t wait for its sequel to come out.