The Power of Six; Wait, what happened to Four?

The Power of Six; Wait, what happened to Four?

Robby Filec, Staff Reporter

John Smith is back in this alien packed, power flashing, gut wrenching sequel, the Power of Six. Does this refer to Number Six? No, it actually doesn’t, but she is an important part of this book.

John continues to move around, but with a different goal other than hiding. He wants to unite the other five. He continues to grow stronger, but no other powers have started appearing. He travels with Number Six, who found him in Ohio, and his best friend, Sam Goode. They unravel some secrets, but not anything that could tip the scales for the Loriens yet.

For those of you who have not read I am Number Four, or my book review on it, John Smith came from a planet called Lorien with eight other Loric children. They were part of the Garde, a special group who had amazing powers that were used to protect Lorien. Their guardians, the Cepan, helped the Garde run the planet. They went with one Cepan each to Earth, and were trailed by the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians ravaged Lorien, and are headed for Earth and the Loric nine, who are now six, as three have died.

This story was structured a lot better than the last book. It is from the view of John and Marina. This is different because one is a boy, one is a girl. John is always traveling, but Marina stays in one spot. It gives you different insights on what each person goes through, how they handle it, and how they use their powers and surrounding environment. It adds to the suspense by switching constantly, so it is kind of cliché where a Mogadorian is standing above John with a sword or whatnot, and the chapter changes.

The downside to this story is it is fast paced. I enjoy reading, and I am a fast reader, but this was really fast. It took a couple of hours to read and took away from the suspense of what was going to happen. This could be because the text is pretty simple, unlike Harry Potter, where you have to delve into the text, which is more filling, but just as entertaining. It is 406 pages long, as long as a typical Harry Potter, but moved much faster.

Overall, this book was Legacy packed, ash creating, Mogadorian killing awesomeness. It should definitely be turned into a movie, but first read the book. I recommend you stop whatever you are doing, go to the store, and buy the book. You know, after you read I am Number Four.

Sorry, I have to go because these guys with swords are coming down the hall, and they look angry.