New game modes shake up the Madden universe

New game modes shake up the Madden universe

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

Madden 13, of course, is a game all centered around football and anything NFL but making the jump from Madden 12 to Madden 13 might confuse or anger some people.

Madden 13 similar in many respects to Madden 12, but one of the biggest changes in game is the way game modes are played. There are now only three games modes: Play Now, Ultimate Team, Career. Play Now is where I started; I played a game of Tennessee Titans against the Chicago Bears. The Titans are my favorite team so I played as them. The first thing I noticed when I started were the upgraded graphics; you could easily make out player’s facial features and the stadiums looked almost life like. I also saw the new emphasis placed on players’ phyiscal speed and different builds. I ended up losing my first game 20-24, a little depressing but I didn’t stop me from trying the other game modes.

Next I started my Career Mode, where you can either choose to be a player or a coach. The player part is a lot like the old game mode of Superstart while the coach part is a lot like Franchise mode for anyone out there that played almost any previous Madden. I started as a player making myself the quarterback of the Titans. The career menu is a very cool one with the main page having all the major news stories in the league and then also having a fake Twitter column were it has fake little tweets pertaining to the events. The other three pages include one for all the player’s stats, one for the next practice or game, and the last having settings and other options. I played on the easiest difficulty and I ended the pre-season with a 2-2 record, passing for an average of three-hundred yards a game. In the third and final game mode, Ultimate team, you pick a player from one team to be your captain and then you build a team from players you unlock. I haven’t explored ge this game type much but it seemed like it has potential.

Overall Madden 13 is a much better version of Madden 12 with better graphics and a lot better game play. I enjoyed every minute of the games I played.  It seemed all my games came down to a 4th quarter comeback of some kind and those moments when you have to try your hardest to win those are the moments that make the game worth it. I would recommend buying this game if you’re a fan or football or any other Madden game.