Seussical’s children’s themes still inspire older audiences

Christine Vassos

Christine Vassos, Staff Reporter

Presenting Seussical:  The Musical, the Spring Musical was back  after last year’s absence due to budget cuts.  The current plan is that RB will host a musical every other year now.  The Fine Arts Department, led by Chair Diane Marelli, presented the show at 7:30 p.m. March 8 and 9 and at 2:00 p.m. March 10.  All the performers worked so hard to put on a wonderful performance for their school and community.

The musical was a spectacular performance that had wonderful music performed by the live RB orchestra directed by James Baum and breath-taking singing by all the performers directed by Marelli.  Will Schaub directed the musical.  Not only did this musical capture all the hard work and talent of the performers, but the set design, props, costumes, and all the make-up were done to perfection to capture the story.  The musical was divided into two acts, each with multiple scenes connected to one another, particularly by rhyme.

The musical was very fun, playful, and brought up many relatable themes.  From the musical it showed through not only words, but also in actions, how anything is possible and how no dream is to big to strive for.  One theme of the musical, demonstrated particularly in the character of Horton (Jaden Cruz) showed that no one is alone in the world and that we are all important no matter how small.  The character of the Cat in the Hat (Joe Rogers) also helped to demonstrated to the audience just how lucky we all are in life.  While Cruz and Rogers had two of the biggest roles in the musical, everyone was spot-on and well-rehearsed, making for a wonderful production.  The Wickersham Brothers were fun and added comedy in “Money Around” and the Bird Girls and Cadets added a lot of fun at multiple times throughout the story.

Overall, Seussical:  The Musical was an amazing production that kept the audience engaged and made us reflect on all the key stories and themes from the classic works of Dr. Seuss.  For seniors, the idea of “Oh, the Places Youl’ll Go” reminds us about how we will all continue in life past RB.  On the cast of the musical, seniors Jake Payne, Jaden Cruz, and Allison Nicolai were kind enough to tell Clarion the places they intend to go after RB as well.

Senior Jake Payne, has been in the schools musical for three years and was a Wickersham Brother in this musical.  He says he hopes to major in the performing arts with the focus in musical theater in college.

Senior Jaden Cruz, has been in musicals all four years of high school and was Horton in Seussical.  He says he hopes to join an improv troop, or join a musical or play in college.

Senior Allison Nicolai has been in the schools musical for three years and was a cadet, a Who, and a fish in this musical.  She says she hopes to continue theater in college because she enjoys the arts and it is fun to do so.

I would give this a 10 out of 10 because it was so well put together from start to finish and captured so much of the students’ talent.  Great job to all the performers and directors!

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