Clarion, do the Harlem Shake!

Lauren Kreiss

Lauren Kreiss, Staff Reporter

YouTube is being taken over with meme dancing videos worldwide. These videos are best known as being called the Harlem Shake. These videos consist of the same general idea. It starts off with a solo person dancing to the song, “Harlem Shake” by Baauer, while people in the background are doing general everyday tasks. However, once the bass drops and the song states, “Now do the harlem shake!” the people in the background start dancing as well. The people usually also transform themselves to wearing ridiculous outfits and doing funny dance moves. Videos typically last to about 30-32 seconds.

You may be wondering how this video meme became very popular that fast. On February 2, a group of teenagers wanted to do a follow up on a vlogger named Filthy Frank, who was dancing to the “Harlem Shake.” The group, called The Sunny Coast Skate, is widely known on YouTube. So while their viewers watched the video, they became inspired to make their own versions of the Harlem Shake, which resulted into the mass video uploads.

Now, thousands of Harlem Shake variations are all over YouTube. Though all are based on the same idea, each features its own unique set of costumes and dance moves. Even Clarion had to get in on the action.