RB Students’ Call of Duty

David Maslowski, Web Editor

Video games at the start of the century were a relatively new media. Even today, video games are still in their infancy. Just ten years profits for videogames world wide reach somewhere in the $18 billion range. As of January 2010, a single game has reached what was once an impossible dream for any developer, which is over one billion dollars in sales for a single game.

That game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, was made by developer Infinity Ward and was published by Activision. The game has become a sensation by taking over lives, and has taken almost the entire gamer population by storm. But what about Call of Duty makes it so appealing?

In almost all aspects, Call of Duty is just a normal video game. So what makes this one stand out so much more than others like it? I decided to ask around the school and find out what about Call of Duty makes it so appealing, and to obtain a little insight on what people find to do in the game.

What I gathered from my interviews is that Modern Warfare 2 is a shooting game that is just plain addicting. It’s biggest pull factor is it’s  upgrade system.  The system always keeps a carrot hanging in front of the player and as a result gives an incentive to keep playing.

Modern Warfare also allows players to connect with their friends from across the world. It turns what was once a solitary act into something that can now be done with friends. Modern Warfare 2 is such a big hit because it is not just a game but an activity. Friends are now able to brag, and show off to each other in a new way, all the while being connected from the comfort of their own homes.