Will You Survive?: Dead Space 2

Will You Survive?: Dead Space 2

Nick Kirkines

It’s happening again…. Those are the only instructions given to a player upon entering the world of Dead Space 2.

The main character of Dead Space, Isaac Clark, has been rescued from deep space after destroying the ship the first game took place on, the Ishimura. Three years later he finds himself in the midst of another necromorph (mutations of humans outbreak). The player must struggle to find his way to anyone they can trust, and to figure out the source of the madnes

The story of Dead Space 2 is phenomenal. The player feels for the protagonist, and wants him to survive the deadly ordeal. As the story progresses you come across a small but very diverse cast of characters.  From Eli, an engineer whom survived the initial outbreak, to Nicole, Isaac’s “dead” girlfriend.

The game play of Dead Space 2 is refined from the first but more of the same. You still have to cut the limbs off of enemies. However the addition of new types of enemies spices gameplay up.  Nothing is more satisfying then using the contact beams giant beam to one shot enemies that once were too strong to destroy.

On the multiplayer front, Dead Space it is a game of teamwork and communication. Every player to survive in order to win. Each also only has access to different weapons. So teams need to strategically decide what weapons will be most potent.

 Dead Space 2 is a fantastic ride through a world unlike our own. If a story and scares are what you want look no further.