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    AnnonnymousApr 13, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    I kinda feel like this is the skeleton of a review. There really wasn’t anything in depth abou the game in this review. You don’t go into discussion onto how they altered the elements of the game to be scarier and make Isaac feel alone. Yet you never mentioned how they gave Isaac Clarke a voice to makeand that it somewhat takes away from horror aspect of the game. In the first game Isaac barely talks and his face is visible only 2 times. In the sequel he actually converses with those.

    Also when you write about a sequel make sure to play the original game. You want tot talk about new or different things introduced. For instance Isaac has the ability to hover in zero-g in this game. This made traversing a lot more simplistic and less stressful in the sequel. Multiplayer in DS2 was new feature and you go into no detail about what it actually is. No trying to tear anyone apart, but this isn’t really a review or a critique.

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