Heritage Trilogy III: Europa Strike

Heritage Trilogy III:  Europa Strike

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

It’s now the year 2076, the destructive U.N. war is over, the U.N. has disbanded, and the U.S., Russia, and Japan have made their own alliance, with every country having their own government and military but coming together to talk about political issues. Bigger countries like China have not joined and don’t plan to. The world is war torn and global morale is down but there is one more war lurking in the shadows.

On the moon Europa in Jupiter’s orbit is an ancient alien tech that humanity has named “The Singer” for the sound waves it has been emitting. It lies deep beneath the Europan ice and the U.S. wants to be the first to make contact with whatever it may be. The U.S. sends a ship to Europa to secure a foothold.  As they are landing and getting off the ship the ship is blown up and only a small detachment of marines are left alive and a Chinese ship enters Europa`s orbit and has brought 400 soldiers. At fastest speeds, which are possible from the anti-matter engines the U.S. have developed, help is at least 5 days away and the marines are running low on food, resources, and morale.

This book is written much like the first two taking different perspectives of all the different fronts. The book takes perspective of Chinese soldiers on Europa and some being from the Chinese civilians in China and the rest of book being from the perspective of the Marines on Europa and the Marines back on Earth fighting to go on a relief force to Europa. Sometimes the perspective changes change at a point that is full of tension and it leaves you on a cliff hanger, sometimes not coming back to the problem for a couple chapters and starting a whole new problem leaving the reader to infer their own solution.

The plot of this book is much like the first two books, all centered around how Marines adapt and overcome their problems. Whether it be fighting on the Icy moon of Europa to the sands of the Martian desert. The plot follows two major stories; one on Earth and the diplomatic fight between the U.S. and China, and the other major story being the fight on Europa between the Marines and the Chinese soldiers. Most characters from the second book are back to make at least one appearance or are referenced but most of the Marines on Europa are new characters. The new Marines were very likable and developed very well with back stories told thoughout the book.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys anything military because the book really shows the bond shared by the Marines and their tactics!