Congratulations Review

Rigo Reyes, Design Editor

Congratulations is the sophomore album from the Brooklyn based band MGMT. This album is the follow up to 2007’s Oracular Spectacular, an album that established MGMT as an artist and had both commercial and critical success.

Oracular Spectacular was praised by critics and adored by fans. The album won
MGMT a Grammy nomination for best new artist and is certified platinum. This album was filled with dance-friendly tracks like Electric Feel and Kids and was a launching pad for MGMT’s career.

Instead of following the formula that was proven successful by the fist album MGMT has decided to take a completely different route.  Since the band has already reached success, the group is more willing to take risks and experiment with their sound.

Congratulations accomplishes just that. The album is a long way from
the band’s first album; the pop-synth tracks are replaced by psychedelic songs.

The band has stated that this album is not for everyone and that is true. If you are a casual MGMT fan who likes the band for its radio-friendly songs then you will probably be disappointed by this album.

If you are a fan of MGMT and listened to the 13-minute epic song Metanoia that the band released last year, the band’s stylistic change will not surprise you.

True MGMT followers will most likely like it, although this album does not have the immediate effect of Oracular Spectacular. This album might go over your head at first, but if you’re patient, you’re in for a treat.

Although  Congratulations does not offer any catchy singles like Electric Feel and Kids some of the  tracks that make this album great are the 11 minute epic  Siberian Breaks, Flash Delirium, and the title track Congratulations.