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Balancing the books: how AP students manage time

AP European History students preparing for a test.

Balancing the books: how AP students manage time

Jaylyn Bravo, Staff Reporter

Here at RBHS, a variety of AP classes have been offered to students. Time management is very questionable as to how some students do it. Two AP students, Ashley Rivera and Adrien Segura, both in AP European History, answers differed in how they manage their time, and level of work completed. “Work ...  Read More »

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Seniors face college decisions

Shannon Wrzesinski

Senior Maddie Hanrahan confers with counselor Renee Thomas.

Seniors face college decisions

Shannon Wrzesinski, Staff Reporter

With early action over and regular decision fast approaching, RB seniors have a lot to think about. The college they choose has the potential to shape the future for themselves, their country, and the world. Senior Erik Hartwig plans on joining the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) program. Th...  Read More »

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RBHS renovations update

Over the course of the summer, Riverside Brookfield High School not only went through some changes to the staff, but to the building itself. Starting o...  Read More »

September 27, 2016

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Is AP really as easy as one, two, three?

Is AP really as easy as one, two, three?

Joy Greco, Staff Reporter

AP classes are directed towards students who are ready to learn and have that drive to work hard as they learn new things about a subject. These higher level classes are intended for ...  Read More »

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Opinion: United but divided

Opinion: United but divided

Kenna Howorth, Staff Reporter

I have dual citizenship to the two most divided countries: the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In 2016, I have seen parallels in both governments and electio...  Read More »

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NCAA football playoff to begin New Year’s Eve

NCAA football playoff to begin New Year’s Eve

Jack Jurgens, Staff Reporter

December 31 not only marks the eve of 2017, but also is the beginning of the NCAA football playoff between the four best college football teams in the nation. The four teams t...  Read More »

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Seniors say goodbye

Seniors say goodbye

The end of every school year means it is time for reflection and pause.  Eleven dedicated Clarion reporters would like to take some time to think about what it all has...  Read More »

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Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs
Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs