Chris Olszewski
Chris Olszewski is nothing if not a walking contradiction. Though he prefers being a lone wolf, he always enjoys good company. If there is one thing Chris Olszewski is good at, it's worrying too much. If there is one thing he is not good at, it's worrying about things other people think he should worry about. He's him. Not them. And he does not care. This nonchalance works in his favor on occasion.

Chris is an award-winning journalist and movie buff (these went hand in hand). He loves playing games (although he takes frequent breaks in between matches of Smite or Counter Strike) and enjoys being around his friends. He does not appear much in public, and an (inter)view deep into his psyche is an opportunity few receive. Willingly, anyway. He loves to talk.

He can be contacted at [email protected]


Chris Olszewski, Opinion Editor

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Chris Olszewski